My Kwoc Experience

I was starting with Android basis and was messing around with layouts and I have heard about Gsoc but I didn’t know how to get started with open source contribution or rather it’s better to say that I was scared on how to get started. I was talking with my mentors in foss@amrita then they told me about this golden opportunity Kharagpur Winter of Code. Soon I registered for it and when the projects were released I went through them, I found Melonicious and the Quiz app very interesting I decided to start contributing to both the app.


First I went through the Melonicious documentation It was very easy to understand the concept was very interesting being in an open source club I could understand how much important it is to track the member’s progress work. I am a beginner in out club and it is only because of the tracking done by my seniors I was able to improve my skills and was rescued from commiting several mistakes.

1st commit

The app was in barebone stage when I was about to make my 1st patch. The navigation drawer of the app was not designed according to the mockups. I wanted to change it and there was an issue mentioning the same so I asked the mentor if I could work on this issue and I was assigned t work on It. It was a good first bug and I finished it in a day. Click here to visit the issue. It was a pretty simple issue but for me, it was a big opportunity what I did was change the icons that came on the stock change and changed the text the Items on the list. Even though the concept seems pretty simple I had to remove 103 lines of code and replace it with 66 lines of code. I submitted the patch that day itself and it was merged the same day.

2nd commit

This commit was something which I really enjoyed working with the mentor was very specific with how he wanted the app icon to look like and I knew just how to do it. It is a bit of sketchy (literally) way of doing it. I sketched the icon as per the description of the mentor on my phone, I am not that great with drawing so I got the help of a friend to do it. Then I manipulated the sketch according to the material design guideline. Then the change was made in the app and the Pull Request was sent. The mentor was really impressed and I was very happy after making that PR.

Quiz app

This app was a really different experience for me. It was the first time I saw an app improving over time. This app is mainly meant for people who like to improve there knowledge.

1st commit

I went with designing the icon on this commit too, 1st I was confused on what to put as an icon for a quiz app, According to me the icon is one of the most important part of an app as it is the first thing that would come into peoples mind when they think about the app. Then it was very obvious I went with a “?” icon for the app. I designed the icon and made a bit of 3D effect and made changes to the code and made the PR immediately.

2nd commit

This was a very basic issue and It was really lucky for me to get assigned with it. Just a bit of refactoring was required for the app as the name was a bit confusing at First and It was finished and pushed in an hour.

3rd commit

The file had some old screenshots of the app which required updation as the app improved a lot by this time. It took a while for me to get the basic logic of how markupfiles worked but just by working on this issue I learned how to make a good readme file for a project. The quiz app has really good documentation if you are working on any android projects it’s really recommended to read it.

4th commit

For this commit I have got the confidence I required and decided to go with a bit technical there was a bug in the app. when all the questions answered were wrong it app showed a result as 0.0 percent and if the number of questions were changed to 20 and if all the questions were answerd correctly the result was shown as 200 percent both of this was logically wrong and It was fixed by generalising the percentage logic.


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