The Boot Up………



Are you a tech enthusiast ?

If yes you are at the right place. Hi I am Abhijit Ramesh and welcome to my blog here in my blogs i would be talking about the latest technologies and news on the tech industries. But before starting let me talk about myself.I am a computer engineering student at Amrita School of EngineeringĀ 
My pursuit for technology started from when I was a kid and it is still continuing.

This blog site would be about my personal opinion on the latest technology. I would be covering all topics that include both hardware and software which I find interesting .I would accept any type of critisiam from my readers on anyting that I write on my blog or my blogging style as there is always room for improvemnt.

The topics I would be covering

  • Computer Components (CPU, GPU , Motherboard ,etc……..)
  • New Softwares
  • Smart phones
  • Computers
  • Apps
  • Gaming Technology
  • Games

I hope everyone would enjoy my blogs .Do Share your thought on the comment session.

Thank You.



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